Smit Textile Dyeing, Bleaching and Finishing

Dutch quality in the national and international textile industry, established in 1963.


Our services

For years, we have been engaged in making productions for thousands of customers, from small to large. By innovating with new techniques, auxiliaries and materials, we have gained broad knowledge in textiles. This knowledge manifests itself in our flexibility and quality. This enables us to create a unique product together with the customer. Currently, our focus is on finishing interior fabrics, but we are flexible and always willing to take on new challenges.

  • Finishing


    We apply various techniques to make textiles more refined. Examples include silicone treatment (softening), enzyme (organic stonewash) and removal of shrinkage from fabrics.

  • Washing and Dyeing

    Washing and Dyeing

    We wash and dye rolls of fabrics and garments at an industrial scale. We can dye all natural fabrics and develop colours in our laboratory based on customer requirements.

  • Reconditioning


    We recondition old and second-hand clothes, B-choice lots and textiles. After performing several treatments, the textiles are able to be sold again.

Smit The machinery

At Smit

The machinery

We have invested in a diverse range of machinery, with small and large machines alike, allowing us to flexibly respond to each customer's specific needs. Whether it is washing, bleaching, dyeing or finishing textiles on rolls, clothes or anything else, we can offer tailor-made solutions for any product.

If your product isn't special, it's over.

Smit Family

About Smit

A Dutch family business

The textile industry has largely disappeared in the Netherlands and most western countries. If you don't make something distinctive, it's over. Because in the Netherlands, we have to rely on a unique product, a unique process and a unique story to stay relevant. We believe in strong relationships with our customers, allowing us to innovate together and make something special.

Six decades ago, in 1963 to be precise, Ab and Ans Smit started Stomerij Smit in two garage boxes on Aïdastraat in Amstelveen. Over the years, Smit grew into a dry cleaning with its own laundry and several branches in the Amsterdam region. Anyone could do the trick of dry cleaning, so Smit sunk on something new. All branches were sold and Smit moved into dyeing and bleaching textiles and stonewashing denim.

In 2002, son Erwin Smit took over his parents' business. However, the textile industry for clothing dyeing and washing disappeared abroad. Erwin managed to continue the business by focusing on dyeing and washing interior fabrics. We are now virtually the last textile dyeing company in the Netherlands.